Harrisen's accident

As I called the kids into dinner one evening (Sept 27,2010) Harrisen decided to jump on the fish tank Bailee had been cleaning out for me. He found out just how bad that choice was really fast as he cut both knees to the bone. Thanks to the help of our nurse neighbor Jan, we were able to get him fixed up enough to get him to the ER. the girls and I all saw how deep the cuts were and we were all pretty scared. I was worried with how much blood he was loosing. He was a trooper! although he was scared he didn't cry too much...until the tried to numb it.

Here he is laying in the ER bed
this is the least graphic picture of his cuts, the swelling closed the cuts so you could not see how deep it really was by this point.
The right leg was cut a little lower and thus received less damage since it hit his tibula (shin) the Left leg was cut in the fleshy spot between the kneecap and the shin. He cut 50% of the tendon and just scraped the artery.
This is how he left the ER, with the instructions not to bend or put weight on his left knee and to see a orthopedic specialist either Friday or monday.
They did a really good job of stitching it up. This is the right leg, the one that had the least damage.
This is the left leg, the one with the most damage.
after carrying him around for a day....we borrowed some crutches.
It took a few days to get the hang of it but now he can really fly.
His first cast was only on for a week, then they had to cut it off to take the stitches out. here they are cutting it off.
He now has his second cast (he chose blue this time) and will have that one for the next 4 weeks. (which is 2 weeks less than we were told at the first visit. Depending on how well he heals, this may be the last cast, then physical therapy. Let's hope for the best.
We are glad you are OK buddy.


Candace said...

Oh man! That made my stomache turn a little. Poor guy. I was wondering what had happened when I saw his cast on Sunday. I forgot to ask you with all the craziness going on in the nursey!:) I hope he has a speedy recovery and all continues to heal well!

Amie said...

that is so nasty:( I am glad the crutches are working out...hope he gets better soon so he can be all crazy again:) LOVE YA!!! by the way the blog looks so cute with all the pics up-I haven't been blog hopping for quite a while:)