Halloween 2010

I've been working early vote sites most of the month so getting costumes ready was on the back burner and didn't get done. Madison and her friends Lynzee and Rylee got together one day after school to come up with matching costumes. Here's what they came up with. I was impressed.
They were all Fairies....though I forgot to take my camera to the trunk or treat so I didn't get a picture of them all together. Madison felt beautiful in her costume!
Have you ever had to try to come up with a costume that fit with a full leg cast? Not an easy task I must say.
I thought it would be cute to have him be Tiny Tim. He would have nothing to do with it. Weather it was because I said I thought it would be "cute" or because he didn't have a clue who I was talking about I don't know but he was not going for that idea.
So the night before the trunk or treat I was still straining to figure something out and thinking maybe we wouldn't be able to play in the cast bit after all when I thought of this.....
A road construction worker who had been hit by a car. Perfect! He was thrilled and it was easy to make. I cut tire tread stencils out of some newspaper and went to work.
Mike had the idea to do a little play on the WCF (workers compensation Fund) commercials that are currently playing by having him wear this sign. Everyone thought it was hilarious.
Bailee has been talking all month about what she wanted to do. she wanted to dress up as a scarecrow, put her carved pumpkin on her head and scare the bigger kids as they were trick or treating. It was funny to watch them grab for the candy in the pot on her lap and jump when she said "boo"
Alex and Kirsti were not planning on dressing up but at the last minute they decided to go as french DJ's (Kirsti took her beret off before we got the picture.
It was a fun Halloween...and I liked the fact that I didn't have to do much to get costumes ready.

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