Little boys and their tadpoles

Harrisen didn't come home from school today....Madison tried to call from the school but they wouldn't let her for some reason (I was NOT happy) so after walking all the way home (It takes them about 35 min) she told me he was missing and we went searching for him. after looking for quite a while we finally found him walking towards the school with a bottle in his hands and covered with mud. Grrr!
Apparently after school was out Harrisen saw some older kids at school with tadpoles in bottles. He liked them and asked where he could get one...so the told him they got them at the pond. without thinking about Madison, he headed over to find one for himself....and find one he did
It's hard to tell from the picture but this thing is HUGE. we borrowed a fish tank from a neighbor to keep it in until we could get rid of it.
Since we couldn't let it go where he found it without being fined we donated it to the Jr high science teacher. He was thrilled.

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Anonymous said...

Oh goodness I laugh everytime my dad tells me, "Guess what your grandma told me about Harrison.." that kid cracks me up!!