Temple tour 2010 intro

Mike and I have been talking for quite some time about how nice it would be to have a nice big TV in the front room that we could have framed to look like a picture and how nice it would be to have some pictures of temples for a screen saver type thing so that instead of seeing a TV you would see a nice framed picture of the Temple. (We could also substitute family pictures for temple ones if we wanted to.) So this year with our taxes we got the TV and hung it on the wall. (though we have yet to have it framed, that will have to wait a while)

Our family has really enjoyed having it, and it has been really nice for them to be able to have friends over to watch movies and to play video games on the big screen. but we had yet to tell them one of the biggest reasons we wanted to have it.
Mike having vacation time to use at work and with out much to fund a vacation with we came up with what we called our "Temple Tour". We planned on a short vacation with my parents to Yellowstone, stopping at Jenny Lake, and Jackson Hole on the way home. This would take the first couple days and the rest of the week we would sleep at home and visit Temples during the day and take pictures. each of the kids were allowed to take some of the pictures. since most of our kids have their own camera, Madison and Harrisen just had to share our camera and everyone got to take pictures.
So with this in Mind for later in the week we stopped at the Logan Temple on our way home for a night time shot. Most of the kids slept it was after all about 3am. But this is the first of many pictures for our Temple tour 2010....
Logan temple at night.
Eventually we will put all the pictures on a flash drive, photo shop them to make them look a little nicer, and set them to a slide show that can be put on the TV, for now we'll just post the raw photos by temple location. Watch for more Temples soon under the label Temple Tour

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